Pavlodar regional art museum has formed a unique collection of painting, graphic arts, sculpture, and decorative-applied art. There are more than 5500 exhibits in the museum’s funds.

The collection can be divided into 3 parts for convenience:
1) the largest and the most important part is the art of Kazakhstan;
2) the set of artists from Russia, Ukraine, and Transcaucasia isn’t inferior to the first part;
3) the part which has been being collected from the day of the museum’s foundation is the collection of Pavlodar artists’ works.

The most significant section of the collection is the works of Kazakhstan artists. It represents the process of professional art’s formation and development in the Republic in detail from its origins (landscapes by N. Khludov, created in the beginning of XX cent., the creative activity of his students as A. Bortnikov, N. Solovyev, of the first KazSSR National artist A. Kasteyev). In the museum’s collection the works of outstanding artists worked in Kazakhstan from 1930-40-s are widely presented (A. Cherkassky, V. Eifert, L. Leontiev, P. Zaltsman, S. Kalmykov, etc.).

1960-70-s are the years of powerful national school’s formation in Kazakhstan. During that time the pictures by A. Galimbayeva, K. Telzhanov, A. Stepanov, S. Aitbayev, G. Ismailova, E. Sidorkin, Zh. Shardenov, and some others were created. The artists’ works of 1980-90-s are also very interesting (E. Tulepbaev, K. Mullashev, A. Karpykov, R. Khalfin, etc.).

The collection has the works of leading Pavlodar artists like M. Kolmogorov, P. Lysenko, V. Martyncev, A. Bibin, K. Baimuldin, A. Ghulin, O. Shuranov, G. Karzhasov, A. Igembaev, etc. The pride of the collection is the works of V. P. Baturin (1863-1938), a well-known Russian artist, lived in Pavlodar from 1979 to 1929.

The funds’ works of Russian, Ukrainian, Transcaucasian artists give a chance to know the stages of art life’s development, different trends, and searching of the visual art in the XX century.

The collection has some masterpieces of 1920-40-s years’ artists: P. Kuznecov, V. Lebedev, R. Falk, I. Grabar, U. Vasnecov, G. Nisskiy, A. Kravchenko.
Works given by USSR culture ministry’s Directorate of art exhibitions, USSR artists’ union, all-USSR E. Vutechich art production association let the museum form a full-fledged collection of the XX century’s art.

The museum has collected the works of well-known artists of the 60-s: B. Nemenskiy, B. Maluev, M. Birshtein, V. Kucherovkyi, V. Veisberg, etc. As increasing of the collection a large section of 1970-80-s painting has been formed: Z. Cereteli, I. Glazunov, A. Slepishev, N. Nesterova, O. Bulgakova, A. Sitnikov; the artists of united republics: R. Abovyan, T. Toidze, A. Shovkunenko, I. Bokshay, T. Yablonskaya, Y. Zemitis, L. Endzelina, etc. The collection has been replenished at the expense of purchases from artists’ studios and from the collectors’ sets.

In 1990-2000-s the collection of Pavlodar regional art museum is broadening and developing reflecting modern processes of Kazakhstan art life.

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