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Pavlodar regional art museum was found in 1964. The head of the museum at the moment  Nurgamisova Aigul Nurlanovna.

The museum grew out of the art department of the regional historical museum. The collection basis of the museum included 46 works from the Kazakh State Art gallery named after T.G.Shevchenko. At the beginning of 1965, by the Tselinograd municipal government of culture, were transferred 103 works of Moscow artists. Part of the works were donated by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR and the state Tretyakov gallery – including an etching of V.Serov. In 1992 in was renamed from the Pavlodar regional museum of soviet graphic arts to the Pavlodar regional art museum.

Currently 6155 depositary items are stored in the foundation of the museum. Every year the museum displays 50 exhibitions. A big collection of pictorial arts, graphics, sculptures and decorative arts is presented in the museum.

The collection of the museum allows representing soviet graphic arts from 20s to 80s. Among the most valuable items of the museum reflecting the history of the development in Kazakhstan are landscape pictures of the beginning of 20s of Kazakhstani painter Khludov and such of his successors as A.Bortnikov, N.Soloviev, works of famous artist A.Kasteev. Works of modern artist of Kazakhstan: K.Telzhanov, G.Ismailova, A.Galimbaeva, S.Mamaeva, L.Leontieva, A.Cherkasslyi, V.Eifert, Z.Shardenov.

The pride of the museum is the works of famous Russian painter Baturin V.P. (1863-1938) who lived in Pavlodar in the period of 1919-1929. The Russian avant-garde of the 20s-3-s are represented by the works of A.Kravchenko, V.Lebedev, A.Tyshler. The Moscow avant-garde of the 50s are reflected in workd of A.Zveriev, D.Pavlinskyi, B.Zhutovskyi, V.Veisberg, L.Kropivnickyi, A.Khsritonov. The art of the 70s-80s are represented by works of N.Nesterova, A.Sitnikov, O.Bulgakova, Y.Kupryashina, E.Mitta.

The collection of graphic arts are represented by works of E.Sidorkin, A.Guriav, I.Isabaeva. A particular place is assigned to the works of S.Kalmykov. People can also find works of such Pavlodar artists of the 50s-90s A.Bibin, K.Baimuldin, A.Gulin, P.Velichko, M.Kolmogorov, P.Lysenko.

During 1990-2000 the Pavlodar regional art museum enlarges its collection and represent modern artistic life of Kazakhstan. Every year the museum represents up to 50 expositions and dozens of exhibitions. They include thematic collections of the museum's foundation and personal expositions of Pavlodar artists, photo exhibitions, “М*АРТ" youth project, collections of children's pictures, mobile collections from leading museums of CIS.

Meetings with artists, master-classes, excursions, literature and musical events, presentations, demonstrations of videos on history of graphic arts are held in the museum.

The museum conduct on consultation and evaluation services, take active part in the educational programs of the city and regional educational organizations.

Not only museums and galleries of Kazakhstan collaborate with this museum but also museum of Omsk, Novosibirsk, the British council, the Gete unstitute, “The open museum" internation associatios, Russian association of museums.




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