The Pavlodar Region Art Museum has a unique collection of painting, sculpture, graphic and decorative art works. The Museum Fund has more than 5,500 exhibits. 

The museum collection conditionally divided into three parts:

1) The largest part of the objects is the art of Kazakhstan;

2) The large collection of the art works by artists from Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics and Transcaucasia;

3) The collection of Pavlodar artists' works, which is replenished by the Museum since its foundation. 

The most significant of our collections are works by Kazahstani artists. They show the process of formation and developing of professional art in Kazakhstan in detail. This can be seen in early 20th Century landscape paintings by N. Khludov and his followers A. Bortnikov, N. Soloviev and The first People's Artist of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic A.Kasteev. The Museum has a collection of works of outstanding artists active in Kazakhstan from 1930s to 1940s. Some of them are created by A. Cherkassky, V. Eifert, L. Leontyev, P. Saltzman, S. Kalmykov, etc.)

The period from 1960 to 1970 was the time when the powerful National School of painters in Kazakhstan was formed. During this period, the paintings were created by A. Galymbaeva, K. Telzhanov, A. Stepanov, S. Aitbayev, G. Ismailova, E. Sidorkin, J. Shardenov, etc.). Of particular interest are works by artists active from 1980 to 1890: E. Tulepbaev, K. Mullashev, A. Karpykov, R. Khalfin, etc.)

The Museum collection also includes works by the leading professional artists of Pavlodar: M. Kolmogorov, P. Lysenko, V. Martyntsev, A. Bibin, K. Baimuldin, A. Gulin, O. Shuranov, G. Karzhasov, A. Igembaev, etc. The biggest part of these works was given to the Museum as gifts. The pride of the collection is works of the famous Russian artist V. Baturin who lived in Pavlodar from 1919 to 1929.

The art works by artists from Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics and Transcaucasia provides opportunities to see the stages of 20th Century art development and movements. Our collection includes the works by P. Kuznetsov, V. Lebedev, R. Falk, I. Grabar, Y. Vasnetsov, G. Nissky, A. Kravchenko, the outstanding artists of a period from 1920s to 1940s.

Many objects have been given from the Art Exhibitions Directorate of the Artists' Union of the USSR, the All-Union Artistic Production Association of Y. Vuchetich contributed to building up a considerable 20th Century arts collection.

The creations by B. Nemensky, B. Maluev, M. Birshtein, V. Kucherovsky, V. Weisberg and other representatives of The Sixtiers were also collected by the Museum for funds. Over time, a big division of painting of period from 1970s to 1980s by well-known masters like Z. Tsereteli, I. Glazunov, A. Slepyshev, N. Nesterova, O. Bulgakova, A. Sitnikov and also Union Republics artists like R.Abovian, T. Toidze, A. Shovkunenko, I. Bokshay, T. Yablonskaya, Y. Zemitis, L. Endzelina, etc. was formed.

New additions to the Museum collection had been realized through procurements from artists' studios and private collections.

In a period of from 1990 to early 2000, the collection of the Pavlodar Region Art Museum has continued to grow and reflects contemporary process of artistic life in Kazakhstan.

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